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Auburn Premium Suede Leather Derby Shoes

Auburn Premium Suede Leather Derby Shoes

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This pair of derbies can spruce up any casual outfit you pair it up with. 

Suede Leather Outer Material

The suede outer material imparts a certain luxurious feel and decorative appearance to the derby shoes. Other than making the shoes look fashion-forward, the suede material also makes the shoes quite sturdy and durable as it is derived from hide.

TPR Sole

Being made of thermoplastic rubber, or TPR, the shoes are ideal for those with latex intolerance as the material acts like rubber but does not contain any natural latex. TPR’s versatility makes it the ideal material for embellishing the shoes other than making them more durable.

Durable stitching

The stitching used to join all the panels is very durable and strong. They let you use the shoes with abandon as the stitching can stand up to the rigours of daily use easily. 

Lace up closure

Designed with lace-up closure, they make the shoes more adjustable and easier-to-wear. The lace-up closure makes the shoes easier to wear and adjust and ready to ace any casual look.

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