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Hand Embossed Zipper Martin Boots

Hand Embossed Zipper Martin Boots

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The toe cap is wrapped for protection. The toe wraps the edging design, and the sole extends to the toe to prevent the toe from hitting hard objects.

Keep Warm. The heat preservation and velvet lining make the upper feet soft and comfortable, and the velvet keeps them warm inside for a long time to wear.


The woven shoelace is beautiful and fashionable and keeps heat preservation and airtightness. The grooved tooth pattern enhances ground friction and stable grip.


Waterproof. Waterproof two-layer cowhide surface, waterproof, dirt-resistant, and non-wet shoes.


Whether you are looking for hiking shoes or paintball shoes, they can be perfectly used for law enforcement, security, outdoor enthusiasts, patrol, deployment, missions, USMC boots, desert, camping, hiking, biking, fishing, jungle, running, Mountaineering, tourism, etc.

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